25 BEST BEACHES IN THE WORLD : Today we will tell you about the 25 best BEACHES of the world through this post, let’s know in detail about the 25 best BEACHES of the world.

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1. Saud Beach, Luzon, Philippines

Saud Beach, Luzon, Philippines: The two towns of Ilocos Norte & Ilocos Sur are part of the Ilocos province in the Philippines. Pagudpud is arguably the most stunning and unspoiled tourist attraction in Ilocos Norte. Beautiful Pagudpud is home to enchanting white sand beaches, a wilderness of dense jungle, and hospitable locals.

The amazing Saud Beach is one coast that really has drawn the interest of travellers looking for a soothing getaway, travellers, and adventurers. Because of its flawless white sands and gorgeous blue bodies of water, this island has now been renamed “the Boracay of the North,” but this Philippine treasure is what Boracay once was advertising travel industry decided to take over.

2. Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach: Australia’s Whitsunday Island is home to Whitehaven Beach. Airlie Beach, Hamilton Island, and even a boat, speedboat, or helicopter can all take you to the isle. It is located on Haslewood Isle just beside Stockyard Beach, also known as Chalkie’s Beach. The seaside is well-known for its azure waters and fine, white silica sands. There are camping and barbecue grills available at the beach.

Swimmers and locals alike enjoy Whitehaven Beach’s brilliant white sand. A few tourists enjoy a barbecue meal, & backpackers can linger by reserving one of the National Parks’ facilities. Until 2009, the Whitehaven Beach Ocean Swim has been a 2-kilometer accessible swimming event hosted here on seaside as a component of Hamilton Isle Triathlon. The 2012 occasion took place on November 11, 2012.

The coastline was depicted in Forza Horizon 3, a karting video game. To enhance the tourists’ memorable experiences, the administration declared in 2018 that it would buy stock $3.9 million in constructing a brand-new lengthy snowmobile trail and updating the campers facilities on the isle. Whitehaven Beach and Tongue Point would be connected by the path.

3. Santa Maria Beach

Santa Maria Beach: Santa Maria is among Cuba’s top seashores and a sight to behold. The ocean is quiet and relaxed, ideal for sailing and resting, as well as the soil is as smooth as flour.

Anticipate to see dolphins trying to jump & tiny fish swimming around. Additionally, there are many hotels nearby, which allows you to extend your trip by an entire week.

4. Baia do Sancho

Baia do Sancho: The tiny, isolated port on Fernando de Noronha that bears its name is home to Baia do Sancho, dubbed very first oceanic park in Brazil. This beach consistently ranks among the best ten beaches in Brazil, which is a huge country.

It is roughly a hour drive away from the nation’s northeastern coast and is unquestionably deserving of interest of anyone who enjoys stunning natural scenery.The magnificent escarpments that line Baia do Sancho’s shoreline surround it, and it is distinguished not only because of its beautiful scenery but also by its peculiar ancestry to the water’s edge.

Initially, visitors can take in the incredible view of a large sandstones strip that is situated at the base from these compelling rocks from either the rock ledge, a sort of organic viewing platform at an elevation of thirty metres. Additionally, this is the best location to see marine mammals rise across the ocean close to the coastline.

5. Grace Gay Beach

Grace Gay Beach: The  island of Providenciales’ northeastern coast is GRACE BAY BEACH. The Turks & Caicos Isles are known for their immaculate beaches, which have received numerous categorizations, honours, and prizes. Presently, Grace Bay is recognised as the World’s Leading Beach Destination by the World Travel Awards.

Grace Bay is perfect and captivating throughout, with crystal-clear water that is simply beautiful and sand that is a soft, white colour, as well as no stones, wakame, or environmental damage. Almost a mile subsea, a sizable barrier reef shields Grace Bay from the Atlantic’s swells, assisting in maintaining the water now at shoreline cool and collected and secure.

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Saint Pete Beach
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6. Saint Pete Beach

Saint Pete Beach: A coastline community in Florida’s Pinellas County is called St. Pete Beach. The areas of Pass-a-Grille, Belle Vista, St. Petersburg Beach, and non – incorporated Pinellas County came together to form St. Pete Beach, a popular tourist attraction. In 2010, there were 9,346 people living there. Corey Avenue serves as the focal point of downtown St. Pete Beach.

Bars, eateries, as well as stores and retail establishments, can be found in this area. At the southern end of the coastline are the Pass-a-Grille Historic District and also the historic Don CeSar seaside. A popular seaside vacation spot is St. Pete Beach. On the Gulf coast in St. Pete Beach, the Don CeSar is a world famous historic hotel that first opened its shutters in 1928.

7. Turquoise Bay

Turquoise Bay: Turquoise Bay, regarded as being one of Western Australia’s popular resorts, is the ideal location to unwind, go water sports, and sea kayaking. White, pristine beaches give way to crystal-clear waters that are home to an abundance of marine life. Dive in and out of Turquoise Bay’s crystal-clear waters to discover the wealth of life and breathtaking elegance of Ningaloo Beach Area.

The Bay Loop parking space is located in the northern 50 percent of the harbour and is far from the shallow juncture at the southern end of a bay, where you may encounter big waves. This allows you to get to the best snorkelling. To access the well-liked drift snorkeling location south of Turquoise Bay’s pebbly point, park just at Drift Loop parking area.

8. Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach: One amongst Western Australia’s most well-known resorts, Turquoise Bay, is the perfect place to unwind, participate in water activities, or just go sea kayaking. White, spotless shores give way to waters that are crystal clear and teeming with aquatic life. Dive into and through Turquoise Bay’s blue waters to explore the area’s incredible beauty and abundance of life.

A relatively thin stage of the process at the southern end of a sea, in which you might run into large waves, is remote from the Bay Loop parking bay, which is situated in the northern half of the harbour. You can access the finest snorkelling because of this. Simply Park at the Drift Loop parking area to access the popular drift snorkelling spot south of Turquoise Bay’s jagged point.

9. Spiaggia Dei Conigli

Spiaggia Dei Conigli: A beach called Spiaggia dei Conigli is located on the southern tip of the Pelagie Island of Lampedusa in Sicily. Its self  absorbed , basaltic waters, warm brown sand, & English name, “Rabbit Beach,” consistently win awards for being among the most stunning beaches around the world. Isola dei Conigli, the island that shares the same title, is located directly adjacent to the beach.

The Online travel list of the World’s Best Beaches, which was released in February 2022, included Spiaggia dei Conigli in its customary position. Despite the fact that ranked tenth among all beaches throughout the world, this was Italy’s and Europe’s top beach. Even though getting there isn’t the most straightforward task in the world, there exists least a clear route.

Because although Lampedusa is technically a province of Italy, it is significantly relatively close to the continent of Africa in comparison to Sicily. It is a portion of Sicily’s Agrigento Province, and 215 kms to its northwest is the harbour city of Porto Empedocle. The Tunisian shoreline, on the other hand, is really just 130 kms to the west.

10. Ka’anapali Beach

Ka’anapali Beach: Once you visit Ka’anapali Beach in Hawaii, you’ll want to pinch oneself because it’s so breathtaking. The coast offers a wide range of outdoor recreation, such as hiking, trekking, and water sports, of course. The seaside is a favourite spot for ardent propeller, and parking is simple. This is a heaven on earth unlike any other, offering a plethora of things to do or simply somewhere to unwind.

Just on Hawaiian island of Maui, Kaanapali is an economic survey spot (CDP) in Maui County. In 2020, there were 1,161 people living there. The maestro community is situated as in Old Hawaii ahupuaa of Hanaka, also known as the Hanaka Canoe Seaside at the southern tip of Kaanapali Beach.

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Baia dos Golfinhos
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11. Baia dos Golfinhos

Baia dos Golfinhos: There’s no denying why it’s hard to depart this beach as soon as you arrive. If you adore dolphins, this is the ideal place to visit because of the gorgeous beach and sea. Your beachside pleasure will always be enhanced by the appearance of dolphins leaping over the skyline. This Brazilian beauty is hidden in the shadow of mountainsides.

12. Playa de Cofete

Playa de Cofete: Unquestionably, the Canary Islands conceal exquisite locations like Playa de Cofete in Fuerteventura. One of the archipelago least visited tourist attractions is tucked away in the southernmost reaches of Janda.  Cofete Seaside in Fuerteventura stretches for much more than 13 kilometres, and the range of cliffs that make up the Janda Natural Park safeguard this spectacular, nearly unspoiled landscape. 

You shouldn’t skip out on exploring Cofete Bay in Fuerteventura because of its expansive length, undeveloped landscapes, and untamed shoreline. You may have fun for the entire without really feeling tired on this 13.7 kilometre stretch of golden sand, which is more than 50 metres wide.

13. Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach: Certainly, the Canary Islands hide beautiful places like Fuerteventura’s Playa de Cofete. On Janda’s southernmost tip lies another of the archipelago’s least frequented tourist destinations. And over 13 kilometres of Cofete Seaside on the island of Fuerteventura are protected by the Janda Natural Park, which is made up of a number of mountains. Cofete Beach in Fuerteventura is worth visiting due of its size, uncontrolled beach, and natural surroundings.

On this 13.7 km length of pristine beaches that is approximately than 50 m wide, one may very well have pleasure throughout the day without actually becoming weary. Varadero’s tourism district is slightly distinct from the typical Cuban architecture; it more actually approximates summer vacation destinations in California as well as, to a slightly lesser degree, the Canary Islands.

The major brands have constructed opulent, all-inclusive resorts on the seaside with everything you could ever want. This gives this location the perfect choice for people looking for a relaxing vacation where it beach, drinks, and nightclubs rule. Varadero, however, offers a lot more than that; if you’re wanting to unwind in the midst of vivacious, untamed environment, Cayo Blanco or the Cuevas de Bellamar (Bellamar Caves) are indeed the perfect places for you.

14. Praia da Falesia

Praia da Falesia: Praia da Falesia, which corresponds to “beach of cliffs,” is regarded as being among the most pristine beaches on the planet. You should undoubtedly make this a should indeed visit on your Portuguese vacation since it has golden sand, clean seas, breathtaking red cliffs, and a tonne of activities both on and off the beach. Between Vilamoura & Albufeira as in Algarve, is the idyllic 6-kilometer-long Praia da Falesia.

The term Beach of Rocks corresponds to “Beach of Cliffs,” and it is easy to be seeing why when you observe the vivid red mountains that surround this beach paradise. We’ve put up this useful link to assist you travel throughout this well-known location.

15. Maho Bay Beach

Maho Bay Beach: Just on Dutch side of a Caribbean island of Saint Martin, inside the province of Sint Maarten, lies a beach called Maho Beach. Visitors & plane spectators frequent the beaches to see planes on landing approach  at the airfield because of its famed proximity to Princess Juliana International Airport.

Maho Beach is exceptionally near to a runway’s borderline and lies immediately in the line of the flight, which causes aeroplanes on final approach to fly over the beach at heights compared with fewer than 100 feet (30 m) above soil surface. As a result, filmmakers and videographers frequently choose to catch the planes arriving the airport from the beach.

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Seven Mile Beach
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16. Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach: Just on west coast of Grand Cayman island, there’s a long crescent-shaped coral-sand beach called Seven Mile Beach. Seven Mile Beach is renowned for some of its attractiveness, and Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine just named it “The Caribbean’s Best Beach.” No matter where you are staying, you are allowed to wander the whole extent of the coast because it is common property.

The most populated and developed region of Grand Cayman is Seven Mile Beach. The most of the peninsula’s upscale lodging establishments are located there. Contrary to popular opinion, a reasonable estimate places the extent at somewhat more than 6.3 miles. A reasonable estimate for the extent of the unbroken sandy beach is six miles.

17. La Concha Beach

La Concha Beach: The Bay of La Concha, also known as The Beach of La Concha (Spanish: Playa de La Concha), is a coastline in northern Spain’s Basque Country that is home towards the town of San Sebastián. Concha is the term given to it because of its incredibly uniform shape.

It is commonly referred as being one of the greatest attractive and very well urban coastlines in all of Europe because of its picturesque location in the Bay of La Concha as well as the 19th century grandeur of its affluent coastal resorts. It is a stretch of beach with a steep bottom, or the variation in the tides substantially influences the usable area. It may be regarded as a popular urban seashore.

18. Playa Norte

Playa Norte: One of Mexico’s finest pristine beaches is Playa Norte, sometimes referred to as North Beach. It is located on the Isla Mujeres island, which would be close to Cancun. Approximately 690 metres (2250 feet) of beautiful dunes and clear waters make the coastline.

This place is pure nirvana for beach bums! For the day, sailboats and cruisers moor here so that visitors may jump out and admire the sea. In addition to locals, island visitors and holidaymakers all visit the beaches to enjoy it. Therefore, if this coastline appeals to you, below is every information you really ought to visit.

19. Bavaro Beach

Bavaro Beach: The Caribbean’s most alluring beaches , Bavaro Beach is a vibrant, vivacious, and energetic Caribbean Paradise. On its azure and emerald waves, Bavaro provides a wide variety of water sports. All-Inclusive Resorts in Punta Cana are renowned for keeping visitors engaged with a plethora of activities, but to see Bavaro’s more friendly side, make sure to reserve one of the numerous highly regarded catamaran cruises to the area’s quiet beaches and natural pools.

Important attraction as well as a great way to enjoy the magnificence of the beach is parasailing. Although you might be enticed to dine at an all-inclusive hotel, Bavaro Beach has a tonne of fantastic beachside eateries and pubs that you might want to check out.

20. Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth Beach: Pristine shorelines, Bournemouth Pier, seaside hikes, & breathtaking coastline panoramas towards the Island of Wight are all features of Bournemouth Beach. The beach, which is located on the fringe of Bournemouth’s historic parks, includes a variety of eateries, cafes, & booths as well as numerous places of interest.

When considering amenities for visitors, diversions, pleasant climate, and certain other factors, Bournemouth Beach is frequently cited as one of the top coastlines in the UK. The beachfront is located in the centre of a 9.5-mile expanse of stunning sandy shores that extends between Hengistbury Head, 5.5 kilometres to the east, to Shorelines, 4 miles off the coast.

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Balos Lagoon
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21. Balos Lagoon

Balos Lagoon: Among the nicest seashores on the Crete islands is the well-known Balos Beach. Wonderful setting includes azure ocean, white beach, and the charming isles of Tigani. Balos ranks as one of the most picturesque locations in the entire Mediterranean. The Tigani Island and indeed the peninsula are connected by the beach directly.

In the Chania district of northwest Crete, you may find Balos Beach & Lagoon. On the other end of the peninsula, near Gramvousa beach as well as the north, is a cheaper environment for swimming. The water is a tad colder and deeper beyond the lagoon. Balos may also have a few patches of pink sand. The hundreds of cracked shells that make up the sand give it its pink hue.

22. Playa Manuel Antonio

Playa Manuel Antonio: Despite being a small nation in terms of size, Costa Rica is a wonderful place with a lot to offer. One of the city’s crown jewels is Manuel Antonio, which you must undoubtedly know. Explore the National Park to learn about the beautiful flora and creatures.

Playa Manuel Antonio is only one of the many unique beaches in Costa Rica. Our favourite feature is the sand, which comes in a variety of colours from flour-white to sparkling black. The water is serenely tranquil, making it the ideal place to float while taking in the magnificence of your surroundings.

23. Nungwi Beach

Nungwi Beach: Africa contains some of the world’s most exquisite beaches. Due to the continent’s position between both the Atlantic & Indian seas, beachgoers can’t endure enough of Africa’s waves & dunes. In besides the numerous breathtaking possibilities, seeing the renowned Zanzibar beaches is an absolute must.

Zanzibar has a rich past as an important spice commercial hub in the sixteenth and seventeenth century Africa. The Tanzanian Island continues to be known for producing spices like spice, nutmeg, & cloves, although it has also made a name for itself as a beach vacation spot.

Nungwi Beach, which situated on the peninsula’s northernmost point, is popular with tourists. Due to the immaculate white beaches, clear seas, and unique flora and wildlife, it’s a tropical paradise.

24. Elafonissi  Beach

Elafonissi  Beach: Many people have chosen Elafonisi Beach for being one of the most magnificent beaches in the entire globe, not just in Europe. Sands, birch trees, white lilies, black stones, unusual types of creatures and birds that reside there, turquoise waterways, and sparkling white dunes are some of the city’s distinctive aesthetic aspects.

These factors bring together to make Elafonisi vacations and yet this seashore so popular. It is situated 75 kilometres southwest of Chania in western Crete. A little island called Elafonisi is located 200 metres from the coast. There is a 1-meter-deep at most small lagoon between the isle as well as the beach. Elafonisi beach is among the beachfront in Crete that you’re going to undoubtedly like if you plan to spend your family trips there.

25. Plage de Santa Giulia

Plage de Santa Giulia: In the French region of Corse-du-Sud, there is a lagoon on the shore called Étang de Santa Giulia. South of the town of Santa Giulia, the Étang de Santa Giulia stretches out over the west coast of the Golfe de Santa Giulia. It is located south of Porto-Vecchio and halfway between the T10 motorway and the ocean.

It is nourished at its southernmost point by the shorter intermittent Ruisseau d’Alzellu as well as the Ruisseau de Punta Rossa Vignarellu. With its lively promenade, ocean surfing, and fishing, Plage de Santa Giulia offers it all. The beach has a large pier that you’re able to fish off of, leap off of, and relax on. The stunning scenery that surrounds the beach creates a gorgeous scene and the ideal backdrop for a beachside day.

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