How to earn money online in 2022. Work from home to earn good money

Here are some ways through which you get generate passive income without much hardworking  if you willing to work from home


Blogging is one of the most popular way of earning money now a days and youth are making millions through blogging. Blogging is a content writing platform where you can share any content on any topic online to public. When a good traffic start building on your platform you can earn money through ads and sponsorship, money which will automatically added to your linked bank account. For blogging you only need to write daily intresting topic to get more and more views. Amit Agarwal is richest blogger in India who earn about $60000/month only through blogging so it has huge earning scope.


Youtube is all time popular and favourite platform for all age group people because it has all type of content. Youtube is one of the most high earning platform and youtubers make hundreds of doller from just single video. To start youtube you need to make your channel then post regular video to complete 1000 subscriber and 4000watchtime threshold as per youtube rule to monetize your channel means to start earning. In blogging you earn through writing and in youtube you earn through videos other all process of earning is same way as blogging.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is now most emerging profession in online world through which one can earn money through commission. Affiliate marketing means selling company’s product through online sites and being third party you earn by commission. You can just contact any company or product manufacturer who want to sell his product or service. You only want more and more reach to customers and increase company sale. People are making millions through affiliate marketing so if you want to make your career in this field then you have bright future ahead.

Selling Pictures.

We all know that free pictures or photos are rarely available on internet. All you need to pay for good quality photos and to face no copyright issue. So if you have any interest in photography and have good photo clicking skills then you can simply earn by selling your photos on internet to any company, group, government and individual. Lots to companies hire photographer and pay good money to them. If you make career in photography then you would also get opportunity to travel and work in multinational company. Sandeep Maheshwari is one of prominent example of a successful photographer.


Freelancing is considered one of the best way to earn money online when it comes to work from home. Freelance is a website where you can find work as per your skills and experience. Lot of companies and individual are hiring workers with good amount paid. You can work here as data entry, website maker or manager, video editor, writing script or essay or making notes, animation, home design, interior design, grammar error finding, ms word and excel work, accountant, teacher, promoter, social media manager, story and poem writing and lot more jobs. You  can just upload your resume or cv and you will soon get contact with HR or company. In India thousands of people are already working as freelancer.

Start making your wealth No investment is required know how to start online business ideas and start making money from home

Stock Market Trading

If you have any knowledge about Trading then you can earn and make lots of money by Trading in stock marking but this is the method which require money investment and time. If you don’t have money and experience about trading it is recommended to not take risk because here always Chance of loosing money. You can learn stock market trading online for free, once you built a better understanding of trading you can make thousands of doller. Most of rich people in India and World started with trading it’s all up to your risk and investment. To understand trading in a simple way it is like buying a stock for 100 rupees and sell it when it price get hike for example if after some short of period it’s value increase to 200 rupee. When you will sell it you will get 100 rupee profit but also you may face loss it it’s price reduce less than 100 rupees.

Written by : Ankit Gehlot

Presented by : Hindi Takniki

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