Daniel Vogelbach

The New York Mets returned over the weekend after acquiring first baseman and designated hitter Daniel Vogelbeck from the Pittsburgh Pirates.

On Friday, before their game with the San Diego Padres, the Mets helped clear up the MLB trade deadline by making a trade.

Colin Holderman to Daniel Vogelbach Initial reactions were a mixture of surprise, overwhelmed and a sense of satisfaction.

The Mets posted their first win with Vogelbach last night against San Diego as the offense turned eight. Vogelbeck had a lot to say about playing in New York.

Likewise, by adding Vogelbeck, the Mets showed us more. They are willing to pay more than some lower class people

minor leaguers added such a bat to the lineup. Holderman has been a legitimate reliever for the team this year.

Which they could use regularly in case of emergency. He was a viable candidate to stay on for as long as the roster allowed him.

Trading any player in the middle of the season is always difficult, but it's not a big problem for Vogelbach.