Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele has yet another breakthrough as his latest film Knop with a Rotten Tomatoes scores over 80 percent in early reviews. 

John Carpenter

Despite similar acclaim for his two previous films, Get Out and Us, Peele doesn't believe he's in running for greatest horror director of all time, at least not yet.

Peele respectfully disagreed with his take. “Sorry. I love your enthusiasm but, I will just not tolerate any John Carpenter slander!!!”

Recognizing that this was probably a controversial issue, Twitter user Adam Ellis wondered when Peele should be considered

the greatest horror director of all time, prompting him to think of another filmmaker in the genre. Challenged who directed "3 great movies in 3 alone"

For those unfamiliar with Carpenter's resume, he co-wrote and directed the original 1978 movie Halloween.

The Thing was released. Carpenter also released The Fog, Christine, In the Mouth of Madness, which came 16 years after

Halloween, a credit to the filmmaker's longevity. The director also directed the 1988 science-fiction/horror film.