What is blogging and how to earn money through blogging.

 What is blogging

If you are thinking of doing work online to make money then most of recommended way will be surely blogging. If you want to know what is blogging and how to earn money through blogging and how much you can earn from writing blog then here is all information about blogging. In simple words whenever a user search anything on goggle it may be picture, any question, information, history, downlords etc. links appear before you and when you click on particular link or website you see a blog which is not written by goggle but by any individual who is some how connected with that website. This page which may contain information, link, picture etc. helps you to get things which a user want. Most watched or useful blogs appears first because of high rank and more the ranking of a blog increases more it is easily accessible to users. That is how a blog gain popularity and views.  Lots of people take help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase traffic on website.

What is Domain name and hosting

If you want to make your blog more professional  then you need to buy hosting and domain name to make your blog easily reachable to users. If you don’t know what is domain name and hosting then check out our blog on hosting and domain name. In simple word you can understand as domain name is address of a website or blog, for example when facebook company was first made its website it had to buy a name for it’s website which user can easily search or reach so facebook bought a easy domain name like facebook.com which is seached thousands times every day now. As same for goggle.com, Microsoft.com, linkedin.com etc.

 Hosting provides space to blogs of website to store it in particular place as photos have a particular place of gallery to appear as same as any user can load n number of blogs through particular place. In simple words hosting provides space to blogs for permanent storage where anyone can easily access it. Once you get your domain name and hosting you are required to connect hosting with domain name (check our blog to know how to connect hosting and domain name) after that your website is fully ready to work or access by any user.


How to write a blog

Writing blog is just same as writing a book with thousands of article on different topics. You can choose any topic to help user to get more and more knowledge regarding that topic. It may be a story, new recopies, yoga or workout teaching, about technology, about health, about home remedies, about medicine and medical advice, teaching gardening or agricultural advice, learning school subject, about a course, information, house planning, future planning, trading and investing money teaching, about traveling experiences, teaching a skill, awareness about right social behavior, about a campaign or organization, about tricks and hacks etc.

 It is better considered if you write on a particular subject rather writing on all category subject as customers prefer to go in a plastic utensil shop if he willing to buy any plastic item instead of going to a grocery shop where every type of item is available because customer get best of plastic item in plastic shop as same as you blog or website made on a particular topic has high chances of ranking and recommended. Choose a beautiful eye catchy topic to easily garb attention or you can use beautiful picture relating to topic you are writing on. But always make sure that you contant or article and picture you post is copy right free and unique. If you found coping any other creator blog or article goggle will get decline you website ranking and you may find difficulty in getting views.

In initial days you may find difficulty in getting views but try to write atleast one blog per day to get more and more engagement on your website. Don’t feel demotivate if you are not getting much views or growth because due to high competition it may take a little more than usual time but have patience at least for 6 months you will gradually notice your channel growth. Try to choose a topic which is most unique and have very less article or blog written on it or a topic have are most knowledge about. Don’t copy anyone even if someone getting most views or revenue. Remember no one is expert here, everyone write their blog after well research and examination.


How to earn money through Blogging

Blogging is for sure one of the most popular way of earning or generating money. Lots of popular blogging website are earning hundred and thousands of doller. Even one to five month older blogs are making money for them. Money actually is not generated by writing blog or article but due to engagement of more and more public on your page. If somehow how manage to grab attention of a good amount of people companies will be ready to pay you money.

 Unlike Youtube, Facebook, Instagram a blogger doesn’t require to complete any threshold to get ads appear on his blog. Just the day you post your first blog ads will automatically start running on your blog and more the people watch or reach out to that add more revenue will generate on your goggle adsense account which you can directly withdraw to your bank account after first time completion of 100$. 

This money will automatically transfer to your bank account on 28 date of every month but for this you need to make your adsense account and connect it with your bank account. Through blogging one can make a lots of money even he may not require to do any job or work to fulfill his needs. You may have heard about lots of employees who were earning a very handsome amount in their company but quit their job after successfully setting up of their website and now full time blogger. In blogging you are your own boss and you can work as per your convenience.


Written by : Ankit Gehlot

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